• Perspex cut-out lettering displaying "Ameera" for a cake topper

    Perspex Cake Toppers

      Cake toppers are made from Perspex and Laser Cut according to design. Suitable for both small or large applications. Perspex Cut-Out @ Smart Digital Media | Paarl | Cape…

  • Open sign for Backs Restaurant. Laser cut from clear Perspex and feature gold lettering.

    Perspex Open Signs

    Open sign laser cut from clear Perspex, featuring gold lettering. Perspex open sign manufactured for Backs Restaurant & Deli Perspex Cut-Outs @ Smart Digital Media | Paarl | Cape Town.

  • Table number signs for wedding. created from clear Perspex featuring golf & white accents.

    Perspex Table Numbers

    ¬†Clear Perspex Table Signs manufactured for weddings, restaurants or deli's and can be produced in variety of colors, sizes and engravings. Perspex table number signs manufactured for weddings events and…

  • Small stand made from white Perspex, displaying wifi information of a building.

    Perspex WIFI info sign

    Small Perspex cut-outs are manufactured using specialized laser machinery, cutting out Perspex material according to desired designs / shapes. Perspex can be cut in various shapes and sizes. Perspex Cut-Outs…