Vinyl Wall Art: ONS LAND

“ONS LAND” is a stunning Afrikaans Word Map of Africa, and can be applied as a Vinyl Wall Decal to a smooth wall surface.
Translated means: Translated means We matter, Laugh, Trust, Make Beautiful, Sun Will Shine, Visit, Africa.

In order to minimize light reflections, decal has a matte finish and are easily detachable.

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Afrikaans / English Translations

Ons is kampione / We are champions! | Ons land / Our land. | Ons here maak mooi / Our lord makes beauty. | Kuier / Visit. | Ons maak saak / We matter. | Werk altyd hard / Always work hard.
Vertrou / Tust. | Ons sal skyn / We shall shine. | Lag / Laugh. | Ons doen goed / We do good. | Trots Afrikaans / Proudly Afrikaans. | Ons doen dit beter / We do it better. | Suid Afrika / South Africa.

Highest grade interior safe wall vinyl is used for the designs.
Smart Digital Media | Paarl design and manufacture all of our vinyl wall decals in-house @ Paarl, Cape Town, South Africa.

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(w)1200mm x (h)1400mm, (w)800mm x (h)940mm