• “The Rotgers” is a Custom-Made LED Light/Sign, made to client Specification.
  • Neon White LED Lights/Sign made by Paarl’s “Smart Digital Media, Signage” team.
  • Comes with a fitted Power Supply.
  • Ideal for Engagements, Weddings, Wall Hanging Decorations, Bedrooms, Wall Decor Words, Living Room Signs, Bar Clubs, Podcasts, Hotel or a GREAT Party.
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  • Custom LED Light Boxes / Neon Signs  @ Smart Digital Media in Paarl | Cape Town.

What MAKES Smart Digital Media?

From Initial Concept To DesignTo Print To Manufacture To Application WE DO IT ALL IN-HOUSE…

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  Neon logo’s | Custom Neon signs | Neon Décor | Light boxes

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