What forms of payment does Smart Digital Media accept?

EFT, SnapScan, Payfast or online banking. Paypal link can be requested via email.

Cost of Shipping

South Africa: Door-To-Door Courier:
National – R190.00.
Limpopo – R300.00
Cape Town areas – R140.00
The quickest way to have your products delivered to your actual address is through this method.
To all major cities, delivery will occur within 48 hours of shipment.
The outlaying period will be 48–72 hours.
The Post Office (sorry, currently this is not an available option as parcels tend to do go missing...)

How can I track my order?

We offer a tracking system for all of our delivery options.

What's the expected manufacturing time & ETA?

Your purchase will be prepared in 2 to 5 working days after receipt of payment has been received.
As each order is unique and custom-crafted specifically for you, we don't have any products on hand.
Orders may occasionally take a little longer if we are particularly busy, but we will let you know.
1-3 working days are required for courier services.

Does Smart Digital Media ship in South Africa?

Yes, Smart Digital Media offers delivery fees on orders within South Africa.
Cape Town , Winelands and Paarl, packages may be arranged for pickup in our studio at 183 Main Road, Paarl, 7646.
Kindly contact us to confirm the arrangement in advance,
(t)+27 (0)87 702 5300 | (e)

Does Smart Digital Media ship Internationally?

Yes, Smart Digital Media offers delivery fees on orders from outside South Africa, please contact us for costs as pricing may vary.
(t)+27 (0)87 702 5300 | (e)


Can I exchange/return my item(s) in store?

As long as the vinyl is in its original packing and condition, and has not been applied to any surface, and we made a mistake with it, you may return it within 14 days for an exchange or store credit.

Can I exchange an item by mail?

Before returning your order, kindly get in touch with us.
We don’t provide credit on shipping costs.
If your order was harmed in transit, please provide pictures of the damaged wall decal and the box before you open it and contact the courier company.
Please be aware that we won’t cover the cost of the return courier and will only replace the damaged decal after receiving it.

Choosing wrong colours

Requesting a vinyl sample avoids selecting the incorrect colours.
Please be advised that we will only replace the vinyl at an extra fee if you placed the mistaken order via our website and only after we have received the item.
Have A Few More Questions?Contact us

What Kind Of Surfaces Can I Apply Vinyl-Wall-Art To?

Most walls will accept our decals.

Although smooth surfaces are preferred, most textured walls may be covered with the decals with little patience.

Regardless of the texture of the wall, we have found that some walls coated with VOC-FREE paints are not suitable with the vinyl.

Walls, tiles, windows, ceilings, floors, metal, plastic surfaces, refrigerators, furniture, glass, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces all function well.

With a little more care and consideration, you can decorate textured walls but the textured wall finish is not something we can guarantee.

Earthcote (or a similar product) won’t attach to vinyl if your walls have been lime washed because of the powdery residue.

Paint that is designed to be washable and wearable will not allow vinyl to adhere to it and one of these is “kid proof paint,” as even permanent markers may be removed with water.

How Simple Is It To Install Vinyl-Decals?

Each of our decals comes with simple to follow step-by-step instructions and a free test decal.

The parts of some of the bigger decals may effortlessly overlap one another to give the impression that there is one enormous decal.

We advise having a second person assist with bigger decal installs to make them simpler.

My Walls Won't Be Damaged By Vinyl-Wall-Art, Will They?

If your paint has not been applied properly with a primer and 2 coats, the application tape may peel the paint off the wall.

Decals must have at least 2 coats of paint on your wall in order for it to attach to your paint. Before applying your decal, use some masking tape or test a small piece.

High-quality decorative vinyl that may last up to 5 years inside, is what we use.

Although it has a transparent adhesive that doesn’t leave any trace, occasionally it may cause paint flakes to break off, and these may need to be touched up.

Smart Digital Media cannot be held responsible/liable for any damages to walls.

Corners, Can Vinyl-Decals Wrap Around Wall Corners

Although cutting the decal where the corners meet is advised, it is possible.

Otherwise, the vinyl can be tempted to lift.

If you are unable to cut at the corner, you can attempt to soften the vinyl by applying a little heat to the area after the decal has been applied.

Be careful not to apply too much heat though, since that might harm the vinyl.

Re-Using Vinyl-Decals After Removing From Wall?

You cannot and should not transfer the decals and use them again unless it is specifically indicated in the product description.

Although the decals will still be sticky, they will lose their form and detail when you remove them.

How Can I Easily Remove Vinyl-Wall-Art?

The adhesive may be warmed up and reactivated with a hair dryer before being carefully peeled away to remove the stickers. After removing the sticker, use methylated spirits to wipe smooth surfaces like glass, metal (such as refrigerators and washing machines), and non-porous tile.
The sticker might often be removed off the wall by simply lifting an edge and doing so cautiously.
We cannot promise that your walls will remain in excellent condition after applying our stickers since owing to the vinyl’s adhesive properties, some paint flecks may fall off.

Please Take Note:
Before to applying the sticker, give your painted walls adequate time to cure completely (2-3 weeks).
When decals are removed, some paint can come off because the adhesive from the graphic may have been placed before the paint is completely dry.
Often, stickers just peel off without any issues or surface damage.
Certain paint flecks may also be removed depending on the state of particular painted surfaces and where your wall sticker is placed.
Little paint touch-ups may be necessary following removal depending on a combination of these elements.
Surface damage is not something for which we are responsible.

Can I Apply Vinyl-Wall-Art On Freshly Painted Walls?


We advise delaying installation for at least two weeks.


You face the risk of harming your walls and having the paint peel off if the paint is not entirely dry.

How Soon After Receiving My Delivery Can I Install My Vinyl-Wall-Art?

Earlier is preferable.

Once mounted, vinyl is expected to survive for many years, however the application tape used to transfer your decal is only expected to last a few months.

During three months, you ought to apply the decal, as advised.

We cannot guarantee the decal will transfer correctly if you want to put it more than three months after you get it. Storage of the unapplied decal in a cool, dry location free from extreme temperature changes will assist to extend the decal’s lifespan.

It is more likely that the decal will fail if it is subjected to extreme heat, bright sunshine, or cold conditions.

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