• Outdoor sign displaying multiple organizations in consulting, logistics and produce.

    Outdoor Sign

      Outdoor signs help your business claim space in the streetscape, on the roadside, making sure that your brand is noticeable to passing people... Suitable for both small or large…

  • Steel post saying "thank you for you patronage" for Bossa Goodtimes Bar.

    Restaurant Signage

    Custom thank you post for Bossa Goodtimes Bar. Post stands on base and can be moved to desired location. Suitable for small or medium sized signs. Aluminum & Steel signage,…

  • Window Sign for Bossa goodtimes bar. Designed and manufactured by Smart Digital Media in Paarl.

    Restaurant Window Sign

    Restaurant branding for Bossa Goodtimes Bar. Installed on window or glass surfaces. Application to small or large surfaces. Vinyl Signage Installation @ Smart Digital Media | Paarl | Cape Town.

  • New Chromadeck roof mounted signage for Coastal Hire.

    Roof Mounted Company Signs

    Roof mounted Chromadeck signage. Company signs are useful to showcase business existence. Signage can be used to communicate critical information, bring attention to business and more. Logo's can be mounted…

  • Dalewood Farm lettering mounted against white wall.

    Steel Lettering Cutout

    Cutout Steel channel lettering logo for brand identity. Logo's are manufactured with mild steel and can be coated with desired colors, sized for both small or large applications. Logo's can…

  • Plastic reserved sign for restaurant table.

    Table Reservation Sign

    Table reservation sign for Bossa Goodtimes Bar. ABS signs are very versatile and may be used for a wide range of purposes, including interior signs, directional signage, symbolic signs, safety…